Okay, so I know that I like to start map projects and then hate them in the middle of actually doing them. But here's another one and I'm hoping I can do this. I'm mostly posting this here because I would love feedback on it. I was really inspired by the World of Gotha maps and the level of detail involved in them, especially their climate, rainfall and temperature maps, which I'm trying to use the climate cookbook in order to make my map.

So I first generated a map in Fractal terrains to my liking. I basically just changed the color scheme to a black and white alpha map, essentially. Then I drew the tectonic plates in locations that I thought appropriate, I also drew the directions in which they might go. Now there's just the matter of drawing out the boundaries on those plates and figuring out the mountains. Then I can work on pressure zones, which I may need help on. For now, here's my progress.

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