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Thread: Europe-like Continent for a Medieval Fantasy World

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    Default Europe-like Continent for a Medieval Fantasy World


    This is my first post here, and (as you can already guess) is a request.
    So, I'm writing this fantasy novel set in an European-like continent and need some visual aid. While I do not have yet everything fleshed out, I believe we can both help each other (even if it means 'I give you money, and you help me' )! In the rare chance that I become rich and famous, of course you will be remembered.

    Well, with all that said... Please, help me!

    Here is the needed information:

    [[ Style ]]
    I am looking for two different types of maps:
    1. A 'geographical' map, with mountain ranges and similar stuff.
    2. A more detailed map with the position of the castles, roads, villages, etc.

    [I am looking for a map in the following style - insert hyperlink of style of map required.]
    [I am looking for a (describe style e.g. greyscale, photorealistic, similar to the maps on page x of the DM's guide etc]

    [[ Quality & Size ]]
    • Semi Professional is enough!
    • For the time being, for web is enough.
    • I actually don't know the size for certain, don't have much experience with these.
    • Raster? Vector? Is that for eating? (aka have no idea what that means)

    [[ Time Constraints ]]
    No time limits!

    [[ Copyright ]]
    "I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain." seems to be the most fitting.

    [[ Contact Details ]]
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