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    Default WiP - World map

    Remember that one? Probably not.
    Anyway, I lost all my stupid files time ago, and I never had a really good map of the world, my world.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Aven.jpg 
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    I already recreated it, I found it almost perfect, edited and tweaked something, but just minor things. Plus, I removed the top left island, was useless and had no story.

    So, what I want to make is basically a very simple map, showing the mountains and the vegetations, not even the rivers. What do you suggest in a map with this style? Draw them by hand? Or making various layers for different high levels? I have no idea how to proceed.

    A question - You see the two big lakes/sea in the two continents? I'm no geographic expert, I know I should know at least something about this, but sorry I'm really stupid regarding these things. Is it possible that the right lake is a salt lake? No river go in and no river go out, just a big depression. For the other one: is it possible for it to be surrounded by mountains for 3/4 of the space, leaving only a bit where one big river flows out?

    - Thank you guys, hope to hear ya soon, good luck with your projects

    EDIT - Damn, forgot the map lol. Added at start.
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