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Thread: How do I start working on a map?

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    Default How do I start working on a map?

    I've been lurking for the past few weeks, and I just need to ask you guys something. A bunch of you have drawn maps, how do you get started?

    I've been trying to make a map for the past six months, but none of them have been good enough. I've gone throughI've tried using the cloud feature on photoshop, but the shapes looked too unrealistic. I can't get myself to just draw anything because I keep worrying that the shape of the continent will not look realistic enough. Fractal maps don't look at all like the real life continents. I've tried starting with drawing simple shapes and gradually making them more complex, but I keep worrying that the shape isn't good enough. I've tried starting with tectonic plates, but I keep worrying that the plates are too unrealistic.

    I've done research on climates, astronomy, and geology, nothing seems to work. I've even tried using maps from Civilization 5 but none of them seem good enough to me.

    I was making some progress on a coastline, but then I saw the Gotha map and realized just how dull it looked in comparison. I don't know how to start again.

    What should I do? I can't just draw anything up, it needs to look realistic and plausible, but nothing looks realistic or plausible enough.
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