Hi everyone! I'm glad to have stumbled across this forum. I love maps and I think I'll fit in well here!

I don't really create maps, except for sketches, as I have very little artistic talent, but I love looking at maps. Old maps, fantasy maps, sci fi maps, any kind of map.

I'm also currently in the middle of writing a novel set in a fantasy world, and the main character is a cartographer. It's an alternative world where everyone loves and respects maps, and they even use maps rather than writing to communicate. I'm just writing in my free time, and I don't know if it will ever get published, but it's a fun side project.

In addition, I have a blog devoted to maps here: Petros Jordan | Where maps, history, and fantasy come to mingle
I mostly blog about historical and fantasy maps, but I also talk about the progress of my novel from time to time. Check it out and follow if you like it!

See you all around the forum!