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    Hey everyone! I posted about this a couple of years ago, but the thread seems to have been lost, and my new work is anyhow better than last time I posted here.

    I am currently developing a modern day dungeon crawl with high emphasis on horror. The working name of the game is Meridian Hill, since the game is set in the fictional city Meridian.

    Strange things are happening in Meridian, and much of the strangeness seem to come from the citys underground: the sewers, catacombs and lost tunnels that stretch almost endlessly beneath the city.

    In the game, players will chose from 5 or 6 different classes to play from, and the game is co-op. If you don't work together you are going to die in that damp darkness beneath the city streets.

    Thw game itself will be a tile based miniature game. I've written the basic rules and am currently playtesting with so e friends. Thought I should take the opportunity to post some of the tiles here, for c&c. I used to run a blog about this, but it's kind of on hold atm.

    Anyway, here are some of the tile.
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