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    I am new around here, although I have been drawing maps for quite some time now. Only in the last few months have I really refined my style where I am comfortable sharing my work, and it has been a long road. I am only a hobbiest cartographer, as well as a craftsman of all other sorts. I am a bladesmith and a blacksmith, armourer, bowyer, and writer (never published, despite over 1,000,000 words since I seriously began three years ago). Most of my muses are posted over here at my blog, Shards of the Dark Age, with all sorts of endeavours. Mostly, I am along for the ride and for all the experience I can gleam from the fine folk who know what they are doing.



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    Welcome to the Guild JSP, really enjoyed viewing your maps! Most (though not all) of us are hobbiests as well, and this community has a wonderfully inclusive culture of sharing knowledge of the craft. I think you'll feel at home here.


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