So I've just purchased CC3 and City Designer because I've had an insatiable itch to do some "world building". I don't really tabletop game (I used to play Pathfinder with some friends a few years back, but I'm not good with all the numbers mechanics and instead just wanted to hear the DM weave the story). My end goal, eventually, is to produce something nice enough to be considered hangable as wall art for my office (thinking canvas, although who knows).

My idea for the world, in a general sense, is a very old world, full of many epochs of history, with the landscape showing it worse for the wear; lots of broken up continents, destroyed cities, countries rended in half by mad wizards, that sort of thing. Basically, disasters and magical follies bad enough to be seen from space.

But first, I need to make the world at all.

I started about a half dozen times with the color maps and kept getting confused with the various style choices and clashing art styles. So I booted up a black and white vector style. Foolishly, I upped the scale to something ridiculous (16000x20000 I think), and I can't figure out how to resize it to make the default sheet effects visible.

Anyways, here's the progress so far. I've only started adding in the main continents and land masses, with some doodling up north (I have a small town here named ScrubHalten and a few villages and lighthouses).

I'm looking for feedback and tips to make the map pretty, if not necessarily geographically accurate (although I'm a sucker for that too).


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