Greetings, members of the Cartographers' Guild!

Mere twenty minutes ago I went for a Google search to find tutorials about mapping with Photoshop. I felt lucky and got re-directed right to your frontpage from where I started browsing and devouring quite a lot of your stuff right away. The tutorials I've seen so far granted a great insight into what is possible with PS (a friend of mine gifted me a licence for CC) and the community appears fairly nice as well.

Anyway, I'm eighteen years of age and currently reside in western Germany. A reason I'm here for is my dedication to write stories, mainly science fiction, but also quite a bit of high fantasy. Only recently I've started an MRPG project which I'd like to draw a few maps for. (If you're interested I could introduce you to the concept, but participating might turn out to be hard unless you're German.)
The first and last time I drew something resembling a map was tightly locked to Sjalt's tutorial on Twitch, basically copying everything but the shapes. Surprised about how easy it seemed, I tried something myself without step-by-step instructions.
The failure is inevitable.

So yeah, I hope being here offers a number of ways to sharpen my non-existent skills.