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Thread: Continent of ytne

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    Map Continent of ytne

    Made a map of the world Iím currently running a campaign in.
    Also made a little video sequence.
    I have not done many maps so I would love some feedback.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Video :

    YNTEFINAL - YouTube

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    First of all, welcome to the Guild Andy Dufresne! Overall there are several things I like about the map. It is clear by the amount of detail present that you've put quite a bit of thought into this continent and to the peoples that inhabit it. However I do think there are some things that could be improved upon. To begin with, what with all of the symbols and strongly outlined text the continent feels fairly cluttered. I would consider lowering the opacity of text outline by at least 50% or so. I also think that several of these place, particularly some of the geographical (as opposed to political) names would be better suited as curved text. Further, the icons you've chosen to use to represent geographical and political features seem to be to be better suited to a map with a more muted color palette. In addition, the clouds over 'Realm of Shadows" seem to be incongruous with the overall style of the map. If you want to illustrate that this place is shrouded in clouds or mist I think it would be better to hand draw this in a way similar to the other icons you are using. All of that said, I know this must have been a labor of love and you've done a great job. Have some rep.


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    Good map generally. I miss a scale bar, however.

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    Thankyou Arsheesh & Sapiento. 
    I see you have a point concerning the outlined text; I guess my fear of not making it readable made me over outline them.
    I like the curved text thought and will try to implement that.
    Icon use was a hard choice; maybe simpler icon would be better?

    I originally liked the clouds over “Realm of shadows” but hand drawing could be cool.
    Scale bar should be implemented; I need to make a lot of calculations first….

    Great forum, have learned a lot and will still learn thanks to good feedbacks.

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