Hello everyone,

We have created a campaign setting for pathfinder and we are looking for someone to make us the Map of our world. We do have a digital sample of the basic idea of the map we need(a friend of ours who is familiar with Photoshop was recruited to help us out!) and we have and some maps that we want to ''borrow'' the feel/theme. Initially we are interested in paying someone that has the time to make it for us.

Unfortunately i do not know the cost of such project hence i might need to be instructed by you for the cost of it.Ideally, if the cartographer is interested, he can work with us for future projects on the same world (city maps, village maps and so on).
But one step at the time,the following links are some themes we really like and we would like to move to that direction.

Draconspire - Pathfinder - Fantasy Maps
Alvarania IV by ~Luned on deviantART

and we like this kind of colors a lot!
Fantasy Map - Mystique by *Djekspek on deviantART
Gantarion by *Djekspek on deviantART

I hope we helped with all the links.

If anyone need some additional information email me at