So in my never ending quest to improve my map making skills, I bring my third attempt at a world map. This is done in GIMP 2.8, using MathMap. Currently it has no labels or national borders drawn in as I'm currently trying to think of the best way to do that. Also implementing a legend, this world is roughly the size of Earth of Venus.

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Originally I made the world much smaller with less oceans, here is the crude version I did earlier. This version has labels and depicts a smaller world.

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The inspiration for this world originally were maps of a theoretical future Terraformed Mars. Originally the world was smaller with just one single ocean but for my purposes this lead to a world that was too small and to climatically hard to explain. So I upped the scale, expanded the land masses, added more water and also produced I think a slightly better quality world map. The top one having more texture to the land and more defined rivers.

Anyway, Questions? Comments? Input? I'm open to suggestions on improvements or recommendations on ways of implementing good labels, or national borders.