I finally made it... I wasn't sure about that, so i didn't throw my hat in the ring earlier, but now I have a finished map for this contest. It's not the nicest map, but even that took my more time than i actually have to spare.
There's no way that this map will have a chance to reach the outstanding entries of WilliP and Lingon, but at least i have a finished map in the contest this time.

The point, where my reality alternates from this reality, is the Battle of Poltava between Russia and Sweden in the Great Northern War. What if Tsar Peter didn't manage to modernize it's Army this fast? What if the Swedes managed to get dry gunpowder? What if... Sweden won the whole damn war? It probably would have become a power northern europe has never seen before.

The Rest of the story is on the map, I really need to get some sleep now...

### LATEST WIP ###
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