I'm currently creating a series of maps that are used in general roleplaying, and tactics roleplaying games. Sort of a "you can use this map for whatever you want" thing.

We've got some good stuff and I posted a finished map if anyone wants to get an idea.

Here's the thing : there's only so much space for a tactical battle. These maps are typically 1' hex/grid, with 22x17 total area. Or sometimes double that with a full table-sized map. With these constraints making a balanced, fair, spiraling and beautiful (and without symmentrical / or cheesy looking) map is REALLY similar to the design process for First Person Shooting games.

These games often have millions of dollars in budget riding on whether their multiplayer maps are any good, so their development process should be FAR more advanced than your typical fantasy roleplaying map.

The idea hit me that it would be a lot of fun to do collaboration between these two worlds.

So, it's kind of an open ended question, but does anyone know of any FPS map designers who happen to be fantasy roleplaying fans?

Can't hurt to ask right? =P But moreover, I assume many of us here may have personally had experience designing multiplayer maps for games of all sorts.

In general, we'd really like to broaden our horizons and invite interesting people to help partner with some of these maps. It should be a great experience for all, and maybe we'll even make some money.