Hello, forum! This is the second map we're considering "Finished" in our series of maps, although I must admit it's a bit of a cheat. With the launch of our Kickstarter for our large Roleplaying Map Pack we've been going to events to show off maps. We needed an 'Event Map' that we could use to show off our idea, and that could support 8-16 players in a much bigger tactical battle, and we needed it fast. So while this is not actually a map (as is) that we'll be including in our finished Map Packs, it IS finished.

There is not a WIP thread.

Similar to our other maps, it's base design is a two-part map that can be reversible, but this map specifically is showcasing how they can also be rotated and tiled into sprawling layouts. In the next few weeks we'll be hacking these maps up and making variations and eventually settling with about 4 similar map tiles we'll refer to as our standard Dungeon maps. You also wont be needing 4-6 copies of the same map tile to make something similar to this, because you'll be able to use any of the dungeon maps in any location, and they'll all work together (jails, the cellar map, laboratory maps, etc).

We design these maps in pairs on 11x17 paper.

Here are the two maps side by side.
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And here are two copies of each map in a 4 page large battle.

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And here is two copies of the first map, coupled with 6 copies of the second map, with many reversed so as not to look mirrored or too repetitive.

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To make these, we create a basic layout, and begin filling them in with details. Then we mirror the design and snap it to the edge of itself, and create guidelines. Then we move and adjust the map according to these guidelines so we know that the map will be reversible. From there, we begin the brainstorming process, trying to decide what (new) interesting way we can create two very different layouts. It's important to us that each map be useful in as many scenarios as possible. It should neither be too plain, nor too specific.

We added common doorway points, so we could string multiple maps together (as shown). Then, we used illustrator to shade in effects, glows, and lightning.

Of course, if you like the map, check out our Map Pack, there will be plenty more to come. (~35 Maps its looking with a few stretch goals unlocked and other bonuses.)