This is actually the opposite of the type of post you typically find here, but I felt it was relevant so we'll give it a go. Moderators, feel free to delete this post if it's out of style =P

We're making battle maps for a Map Pack and we have not yet decided on all of our maps. When we're done with our current queue I will begin looking for more types of commonly needed battle maps, and while we'll be adapting most maps to be generically usable in all similar situations, our map might work perfectly well for your needs (since that's the POINT of these maps in the first place). What better way to decide what else to make than to fill requests of things people are looking for, which they haven't been able to easily fulfill?

All of our maps will follow a certain criteria :

Generic enough to be reusable - If it's a desert temple map, or a steampunk train map, it should work in general for any player who wants to battle in a temple (in the desert) or on a train in a mid-tech fantasy world. You can imagine it's YOUR train, specific to your world, but we're going to craft the map to appeal to everyone.

Existing maps are here and here
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WineCellar-SquareGrid.jpg 
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ID:	56095 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DungeonWell.jpg 
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So, please comment with what you'd like. If we end up using these suggestions, as a small throwback we'll even do something fun like give you a free extended map pack or raffle free maps among you, something to show thanks.

Also, if you already see the idea that you were thinking, PLEASE SECOND THEIR IDEA. Nothing is more informative than 3 people saying the same thing : we want an XYZ map. With that kind of a clear statement, we'll absolutely make it. We want to create the maps that you actually want.

Here's a basic list of our current queue, it's pointless to suggest these :

More "tiles" that can combine with the cellar and dungeon above, so they all interconnect and make a better dungeon with lots more orientations.
A "Jail" that will also fit with the above
A series of "Cave Network" maps (these will all be generic, if you want to see certain key features or focuses INSIDE a cave, suggest that we add it to this tileset)
A series of "Forest Road" maps, including straight roads (for ambushes) wide roads for normal situations, bends, crossings over water. (Again, if you want certain key features you'd find on a road, suggest away)
A good Boat
A Wooden Fort
A Manor
A Tavern

Thank you for your time!