Jumping into the challenge in the middle of the month...

Anyway, my goal is to map Fowl Manor, the residence of the Fowl Dynasty. Artemis Fowl is a serie of books by Eoin Colfer for kids (wikipedia, but i just love it!

I recently wanted to do some isometric maps, and also finaly a map of a building, so i figured it would be a good possibility to give it a try. Any tipps in advance?

Technic will be ink + pen, maybe (probably) some decent colors.
The map itself will be divided: one part will be (probably) a top down view of the whole estate of the fowls (80 hectare, but it will be small), another part will be the Fowl Manor itself, a old, often renovated castle from the 15th century, standing in the north of Dublin, viewed from the front/side (isometric), and the rest will be a detailed plan of the different levels.
Sounds biiiig.

I have nothing to show you yet, but i've done some research in irish architecture as well in the books, writing down (almost) every sentence concerning the architecture. Here's a (incomplete, since i haven't read all 8 books) list of my knowing of the building:
-it has a castellated wall, 5 meters thick with watch towers
-there are lots of trees just by the side of the house, even a pond
-there is a shed with a Cessna in it
-a big part is the main hall/entrance hall, with a high ceiling
-the office of Artemis Fowl, with lots of stuff in it
-Bedroom for some people
- a long conference room with gotic arches
-command center
-a Dojo, wine cellar and cell
-a helicopter landing platform on the roof
-and a lot of other small stuff

now off to research and drawing!

Cheerio, leen