Hey folks, first time poster here, long time admirer! I hope this is the appropriate place to post this, as the question is related to map elements, at least in broad terms, I think!

Okay, so here is the deal: The fantasy world I'm working on has an art style fusion of art deco and high fantasy sensibilities. After some time I was finally able to get a style of drawing characters that I think fairly represents both parts, but this has not extended to my map drawing or any of the elements that fill it. I've transposed many of the techniques I used for character design to mapping- and while I've gotten close to a desired effect, I don't feel I've quite captured what I'm going for. My biggest downfall are fonts- they seem to fall flat (fantasy scripts and art deco style are hard to capture in one thing. The closest I like so far is UltraCondensed Sans-Serif.) I'm also looking for suggestions and new routes to follow as far as design goes. I have put in a lot of research into design of both styles through online searches, books, and other materials. At this point I've come to a place where I thought it'd be a good idea to ask for help.

I'd put up what I have so far, but really at this point it's just green solids on a blue background. nothing fancy. I am more than happy to post any resources people may want to see! Thanks in advance.