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    Wip Region of Eglephron

    Heya. So this is a map I'm working on for the set of a game I'm working on. The game is going to require some strategic/tactical maps for playing the campaign on (I'm going to estimate their size at 50 km square, maybe smaller). But I decided I really need to have an overall picture of what is going on in the immediate and surrounding area to wrap my head around everything. So hence the need for this regional map.

    I Don't have any of the names worked out just yet so I'm going to to just use Eglephron as a placeholder for now since I think it sounds neat.

    Obviously I took a page of style straight from Viking's map of the world of Skenth for my oceans, because frankly that map is just inspirational. I fooled around with Wilbur and masks in massive frustration until I discovered one thing, which is that I don't know how to use Wilbur very well. After seeing Viking's map I thought that maybe I could manage something along those lines for the oceans. It is however a lot of work, I wasn't quite counting on it being so time consuming. Also I'm using a mouse and I can feel that after sessions a couple of hours long all that clicking the carpal-tunnel creeping into my arm :p . However I'm super pleased with the results, so my thanks to Viking for showing me the way so to speak.

    As you can see I've pretty well determined the coasts, I may add a few more islands up in the NE corner, and plan on putting in a few tiny islands around. On the land side I haven't really done much other than the inland seas. The ugly black blobs are some intended mountain ranges I think. And the ugly blue lines leading south are some proposed river routes, I really want a bayou sort of area and river delta sort of thing happening in the southern bay type area. Not to sure what I plan on doing with the far north part of the map (the equator is planned to be put some where nearer the top edge, maybe just above the large crater).

    In that large expanse in the middle is going to be a waste land of various terrain and biome types. This is the area where my games campaigns are planned to be set. As such I haven't really settled on a scale yet because I feel like I want a lot of room for my game site. I should get pretty good coverage of stuff I think though. The scale I put there is because I was imagining the large island to the East as roughly equivalent to Sicily in size.

    The giant crater was based on the gulf of Mexico and the little bite is an obvious homage to Hudson Bay and James Bay, but then I figure it could've been a second meteor strike and also saw a bunch of pictures of craters that actually form islands in the middle with a surprising amount of frequency. Anyways on the coast of that little crater is where I intend on putting the most important city, sort of the Rome for this world. Perhaps on the little island, but more likely on the mainland next to a rive that empties there.

    My concerns at this point are having a relatively realistic sort of river delta swamp thing which I think I already screwed up a little. And of coarse I am concerned about the mountain ranges. I decided to forgo being super careful and thinking about tectonic plates and such because I didn't feel like getting all caught up with that stuff and limited by realism, but at the same time I want it to work in my mind without just saying, "oh its a magic world dufus."

    That was entirely too much writing and far more than I intended, sorry for the TL: DR. Here's the map so far:

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