Hello, friends! Iím looking for a map maker who can help me out in the creation of a set of maps to be used in a planned roleplaying game that I am currently working on. Iíll detail some of the particulars below but, of course, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please, donít hesitate to contact me at my email address: eisenbarth@oxy.edu.


The roleplaying game that the maps will be for is Dark Heresy, which is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Itís an extraordinarily dark and dystopic universe, and the heroes of the game will be beset by all sorts of alien, heretics and mutants. Ideally, the maps should reflect this environment to a degree, being somewhat gothic and brooding in theme.

This project is going to be quite the undertaking if anyone decides they want a shot at it. There are going to be six city maps that I will be requiring, and ideally they will be in a ďcut-awayĒ orientation in order to detail the separate levels of the cities. Of course, two dimensional traditional maps will be alright, but ideally they will be three dimensions. This is, obviously, assuming that my college-student budget can pay for it and that it wonít take an outrageous amount of time.

The six cities will be of different natures; some will be grimy, dirty foundry cities, bustling with soot-stained laborers; others will be massive megalopolises called ďhivesĒ, whose upper spires pierce the clouds themselves; one will be a rural paradise-like community; finally, there will be a city that literally moves around the planet, stalking the planes from the back of an ancient, metallic construct.
Of course, further details about the cities will be given out once a commission has been accepted (assuming that it will!).

As mentioned above, the setting of the campaign is going to be very grim and very dark. The style of the maps should reflect this. Here are some examples of the artwork in the universe, just to give you an idea of the ďstyleĒ of the universe.


I want to be able to print the maps and possibly laminate them on an A2-size sheet of paper, without having to enlarge the image at all. I would prefer the image type to be a JPG or a PNG, but Iím relatively flexible in this regard. I would also prefer 300 dpi, as a minimum.

[Time Constraints]

Will be flexible, but I would like to start this campaign as soon as possible. I donít know how long it takes to make such a map, let alone six of them, so I really canít comment more on this. You can shoot me a time estimate through my email.


You can keep Ďem and post them here, or where ever else youíd like. Iím using these maps for personal use only, and as such, I would require permission to reproduce the maps as needed for my campaigns.


I do definitely have a budget, but Iím not going to be posting a price because I have no idea how much this project would cost me. Being an impoverished college student, I would like to have a reasonable, fair cost, but I do reserve the right to say no to any offers because of monetary concerns. Any form of payment is alright with me.


As I said before, if you have any questions or concerns or want to give this project a go, you can contact me at eisenbarth@oxy.edu.

Thanks again, and I hope someone can help me out with this endeavor!