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    Default Randland interactive


    I wanted to find an interactive map for Randland. I've been able to find decent Lord of the Rings interactive maps, and found an amazing Game of Thrones interactive map. I would like it to be able to show paths of the characters from book to book.

    Starting with Rand, Matt and Perrin, possibly later on moving to other main characters

    Much like this map which referenced this site in its credits.

    and here is a nice Lord of the Rings style map

    I want to create something like this except for Randland.


    I am looking for a map in the following style -

    Quality & Size

    [Required for print / web] same style as

    Time Constraints

    I have no time constraints.


    The artist will retain copyright of the map

    Tip: *** You are unlikely to get a cartographer to make your map if you want it done for free but also want to have copyright of the image ***

    Contact Details

    Please PM me here or reply to the thread.
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