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    Default *Peeks in*

    Sorta found this site in a quest to seek out possibilities.
    I personally lack skills with this wonderful art, though I try *Sob*
    I won't scar your eyes with my attempts, but the real purpose for my being here is seeking help AND to affiliate.
    Basically, I own an up and coming rpg and am in sore need of someone(s) who'd be interested in featuring their work on it.
    Sadly I cannot pay, BUT affiliation, credits and cookies are offered lol.
    Above all I just wanna feast my eyes on the wonders of this place and even if my search is fruitless, I am still gunna stay and stuff.
    I love looking at maps, I wish I had the skills to make more than things that look like a 2yr olds doodles.
    So...hopefully I'll be welcome here!

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    Welcome to the Guild Absynia! Not sure if you've already figured this out or not, but you can request commissions over in the 'Map Requests' sub-forum. Just make sure to read the sticky in that section on how to post a classified add before you do so. Wishing you all the best in you quest.


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