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    Hey, I've joined this site, though I am not a cartographer, or an extremely strong cartography enthusiast (Maybe not the best of introductions but hear me out!)
    I am an artist/designer or whatever currently studying at university, and in my spare time work on commissions for pieces...sculptures, paintings etc. anything to earn small change really, and have been commissioned by a local musician to design album art based on cartography. He basically wants an original old style map, like the ones found in games such as the elder scrolls, yet with a modern twist. Now I have worked with Photoshop since I was a kid and am an avid painter/drawer, however have had no experience with making maps and would appreciate any direction which I can be pointed in to learn such skills! Most of the maps I have seen on this website are extremely original and obviously took large amounts of effort and talent, though I would love to have a pop at emulating/combining these styles. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the Guild Radberz! The best thing to do is to start by taking a browse through the tutorials sections. There are several entries there that cover how to create more traditional antique style maps. You may also want to check out the sticky on maps in .pdf format in that sub-forum, since it catalogs these tutorials by software. Best wishes on your commission.


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