Hey, I've joined this site, though I am not a cartographer, or an extremely strong cartography enthusiast (Maybe not the best of introductions but hear me out!)
I am an artist/designer or whatever currently studying at university, and in my spare time work on commissions for pieces...sculptures, paintings etc. anything to earn small change really, and have been commissioned by a local musician to design album art based on cartography. He basically wants an original old style map, like the ones found in games such as the elder scrolls, yet with a modern twist. Now I have worked with Photoshop since I was a kid and am an avid painter/drawer, however have had no experience with making maps and would appreciate any direction which I can be pointed in to learn such skills! Most of the maps I have seen on this website are extremely original and obviously took large amounts of effort and talent, though I would love to have a pop at emulating/combining these styles. Thanks!