I will soon be starting a campaign using Monte Cook's latest creation - Numenera. Numenera is a post^8-apocalyptic setting in which the current population views technology as sort of a cross between tech and magic.

One of the things my players have said they really like in my campaigns is having a "home base", so I like to give them ways to acquire one.

This map is for the building that will become their home base.


I would like a map of a multi-floored mansion updated for a very futuristic setting. A few real-world floor plans of mansions that seem like good starting points in order of preference:

  1. Home Plans HOMEPW24795 - 11,484 Square Feet, 5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom European Home with 3 Garage Bays
  2. Home Plans HOMEPW16891 - 10,467 Square Feet, 6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom European Home with 2 Garage Bays
  3. Home Plans HOMEPW74438 - 10,730 Square Feet, 5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom Italianate Home with 5 Garage Bays
  4. Home Plans HOMEPW16465 - 11,110 Square Feet, 4 Bedroom 5 Bathroom Neoclassical Home with 3 Garage Bays
  5. Home Plans HOMEPW20656 - 11,506 Square Feet, 6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom Mediterranean Home with 4 Garage Bays

I would like the map to have the following attributes:

  • It would have been created by a previously existing, very technologically advanced species rather than the one currently in the game, so it's post-modern rather than medieval.
  • It's old - probably thousands of years old. Though the tech and quality will be beyond anything we know today so much of it will hold up, some of it will be gone (garages and pools, especially) or requiring repair.
  • First / ground floor consisting primarily of gathering areas, eating areas, kitchen, offices, and some entertainment.
  • Second floor consisting primarily of 5-7 residential suites, each with large bedroom, sitting area, and full bath.
  • Third floor consisting of observation rooms / "turrets" off some or all of the suites below.
  • Basement consisting of primarily entertainment rooms plus mechanical rooms.
  • Sub-basement consisting of high-technology workshop and lab plus an expansive storage area.
  • The only truly specific request I have at this point is that expansive storage area in the sub-basement has somewhere within its floor a metallic ring (not circle) of about 20' diameter.
  • Elevator and stairs connecting sub-basement through second floor, stairs only between the second and third floors.


As much as style can be gleaned from a pre-released product, I would like the style to be similar to that of Numenera maps currently available. The closest thing to examples of maps we have is from a Kickstarter project. One of those is outdoor / large scale, another is a city, and the third is an indoor map that is sort of a section of a lab. Map examples here.

Grid scale should probably be at the 1 square = 5' level for this one.

Quality & Size

Quality should be decent but this isn't going for publication or anything. It's just going to be for my little gaming group.

Size of the map should be such that each floor fits nicely on a standard sheet of paper, but the ability to be able to expand sections of it into proper battle maps (1" = 5') would be appreciated.

Time Constraints

The game can't start until a bit after Numenera is released, then the group won't be in a position to obtain the house for several weeks after that, so perhaps late October 2013?


I would like to be able to use and distribute the map for and to my gaming group however I see fit. Copyright and use beyond that is completely up to the artist.


Yay, this is my first post here! But since it's only my first post I don't have access to the forum's PM system. Best contact I guess then would be email at cartographersguild--at--thc1967--dot--com.


This is a small, personal project. As such I can't allocate a ton of funds to it. My preference would be to donate to either a charitable organization of the artist's choosing or this web site upon completion of the map.