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    Hello all,

    I'm very new to all this stuff. I have always been fascinated with fantasy novels and have finally decided I would like to try writing a book. I understand this is a pretty massive undertaking, and was dumbfounded on where to start. I thought that, If I don't have a world that's believable, then how could anyone read about people in it. If I can't see my world, then how can I Believe in it?! Thus, I have decided to create my own world. I have made it as far as downloading GIMP, when I realized I will have a ton of questions. Therefore, I decided to become a registered user.

    Thanks for having me,

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    Welcome tot he Guild Lotor! GIMP is a good choice; it's free and fairly powerful. As to where to go from here, I'd recommend spending some time getting to know the tutorials section - there is quite a bit of material there to help you get your bearings. Next, when you are ready to begin, post up a WIP thread and ask for feedback. This will encourage more experienced Guild members to offer constructive criticism that will enable you to learn more tips and tricks. Best of wishes on your quest.


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