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    Okay, so I'm creating a forum based play by post Star Wars rpg. This means that maps are going to be helpful for people and since my own map making skills leave MUCH to be desired. I am here to beg for a more skilled artist than I to take pity on me and create what I cannot. I have a few ideas floating in my head, but nothing articulate enough to really write down or put to paper, but I'm willing to work with whoever is interested via whatever communication medium they choose. Since my site has a few others leading certain places this will undoubtedly lead to more commissions, so there is potential for more work lol.

    The map I'm wanting is going to have each of the basic terrain, Mountains, snow, desert, plains, forest, wetlands, with the two civilized areas being in the west, one along the coast and the other in the forest. This is just for the region map, the cities themselves will have their own maps. Obviously I'll be giving the author the copyrights, but asking that I use them for my site providing I give them credit.

    Star Wars: Unity

    Thats the website. I don't really have a deadline, I am pretty sure that by February the site will be up and running, but I'm setting this that far ahead to cover any things that could halt progress. I always give more time than it might take just to be safe lol.

    So with that said, may I please have your amazing skills put whats in my head to proper picture and be even more amazing than what I see floating in there?
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