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    Wip WIP - Grisi

    Ok soou, i'm new in making maps but not new to 2d and 3d software. I just had some idea about making a world for what i don't know... maybe a story or a game.

    This is my first map ever, and i'm pretty satisfied by the result. It's still a wip (i can continue it only after 15-16 august ) because i want to think more about the history of these lands before i start to give them names, but also i need to practise before i can more details.
    Any tips/suggestions/criticism is very appreciated!

    Anyawy, here is the map that i made completely in Gimp
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mappa.png 
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    p.s. sorry if something isn't clear, i'm not a native english speaker

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    The overall color palette seems good but I would extend the transition to white in Yarhat. And the only thing that bother me is the backgroung. While the texture really add something interesting to the map I think it sould be more subtle.

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    Nice first map so far Redireckt!

    I agree with Azelor that the texture is pretty strong. I am not sure what software you are using but I'd consider lowering the opacity on the texture layer. Also, some parts of the texture kind of conflict with the land. I am thinking here of that island north of Inissat that has a crack straight across it. Consider using a layer mask to hide the texture areas you don't like over your landmass or consider having two textures: one for your land and one for your water. I really like the texture on some parts of the land though I must admit.

    Be careful with how your rivers flow. They don't really cut up landmasses like the south west of Inissat is having done to it right now. They usually flow from many small streams into singular large rivers taking the path of least resistance. There are some great tutorials on this site somewhere I don't have time to find right now unfortunately!

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    Very good work for a first map. I actually like the strong texture, it's giving the impression that this map has been painted on a plastered wall or a slab of stone - although the text labels break that impression somewhat, being so crisp and obviously computer added. I second the advice Viking gave you about the rivers.

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    Welcome to the Guild -- nice start!

    The rivers are your main 'factual' issue -- they ought to only join going downstream, or branch going upstream. That would fix a lot of their "something is awry here" impression. Like Viking noted, you won't see real ones forming a mesh. Take a look at Redrobes' Most Excellent tutorial about how to get your rivers in the right place - it should be stickied near the top of the tutorial forum.

    The textures are more of a style issue. While it's possible to have a map on a strongly blotchy surface, one might expect a cartographer to try to start with as smooth a surface as he could afford (paper/parchment/etc) or prepare (wall/floor/etc). Since the graphics you draw convey the information you (and your in-character fictional olde tyme mapper) are presenting, it would be good for all your map elements to be clear, visible, discern able. If your purpose is more impressionistic; art instead of mainly functional info, then you're doing GREAT. It's pretty! Since your texture is strong, the viewer might want to imagine it has meaning, instead of just being background, Fade it out a bit and it'll still scream "parchment!", without looking like topography. And while the saturated colors look good, laying similar hues alongside each other confuses the eye - I have to work to pick out the coast in some places.

    Mind you, you're creating something with enough visual interest to get me to WANT to invest thousands of milliseconds in perusing it :-). Keep at it - YOUR intent is sufficient reason for any of those choices, so long as they're intentional :-).

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    Thank you for the comments

    Ok now i can return to work on the map
    Umh, i agree with you about the strong texture, but i can't reach any balance nicer to my eyes :S The strong texture doesn't give a proper idea of a paper-map, but i find it strange when i make the texture weaker... perhaps i just have to try another texture.
    The fonts are just placeholders, if i will keep the texture, maybe i will choice a carved-style one.
    I also followed the tutorials, and wow i didn't have idea how much my rivers were wrong... thank you very much!
    And yes, my intent is to make a map more artistic than technical

    I lowered the texture a bit and add some rivers:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm sorry for my slow progress, i focused my attention on some other stuff.

    Anyway, added a large burnt area

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2r2rix3.png 
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