Greetings all!

My name is Liam but you're also welcome to call me by my username of Rhinotones if you wish.

I'm a 41yo male from Surfers Paradise, Australia and have recently found a creative spark I didn't realize I had.

Out of sheer boredom I began designing a MMORPG concept that had been playing on my mind for a number of years (I know, we all have that perfect game we want to see made into reality). Countless pages later an author I had befriended suggested I write a back story to the game concept. I found a great software program called Storybook 4 to write my story but after only one chapter I felt that I needed to create a map for my world, which led me here.

I'm extremely excited to be around so many creative/artistic minds and am look forward to speaking with and learning from you all.

aka Rhinotones.