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    Wip Temporal Comet Strike world

    Having learned some new techniques on my commission map, Edara, I decided to start working on my own fantasy campaign world.

    This world (unnamed yet) had a collision with a temporal comet - debris from a parallel plane (or plane of time) and ripped through this world's planar fabric colliding with this particular world.

    The map shows a canyon rift created in the wake of the comet as it skimmed the surface of this planet, until it reached a high mountain range and exploded - crater can be seen as well as rift.

    This world suffers temporal anamolies, actions by time-travelers, anachronisms and people from different places on the timeline coexisting in the current temporally damaged world.

    The rift valley is near the equator, filled with jungle and Jurrasic lifeforms - dinosaurs.

    Although I have created the basics for the entire continent, the only detailing so far is here at the equator with rift and crater area for starters. The dark green is a place holder for mountains, the brown beyond that is desert. I'm thinking of filling the crater bottom with a round lake.

    Note despite the comet strike this world didn't suffer the consequences had this been a true comet strike if such hit our world, most of the damage is temporal (time-affecting) though the rift, crater and rim debris was catastrophic, just not "ice age" causing like a real comet strike...

    WIP so far...
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    I have a fondness for fantasy worlds where you can see the scars of calamity right there on the map

    It's a promising start, nice and dramatic. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

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    That's a great idea for a world map. It's looking really good so far. My only suggestion would be to tone down the brown at the end of the meteor's path. At the moment its sitting over the river source and altering the water colour there, which looks a little strange. Perhaps switching the brown to a multiply or overlay blend would integrate it with the map a little more.

    Looking good!

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    What can I say other than looking good there?

    Some of the bump-mapping/embossing/height-mapping seems a bit extreme, maybe those could be toned down a bit?

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    I, too, am liking the tree fill and cracks fill...adds that lil bit of character. Nice start.

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    Wip Updated map...

    An update on the map, showing a wider area around the equatorial zone. I filled the crater with a lake, placed to shattered ground ripples in the desert beyond the mountain range from the crater area. More mountains, shattered the mountains too. The darker green forests around the rift waterway are swampy regions. Got a bunch of 1 pixel wide rivers and some .5 pixel tributaries. Note some jungle in the mountains too.

    Update so far...

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    Wow! That's pretty cool. Nice work.

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