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    Wip Temporal Comet Strike world

    Having learned some new techniques on my commission map, Edara, I decided to start working on my own fantasy campaign world.

    This world (unnamed yet) had a collision with a temporal comet - debris from a parallel plane (or plane of time) and ripped through this world's planar fabric colliding with this particular world.

    The map shows a canyon rift created in the wake of the comet as it skimmed the surface of this planet, until it reached a high mountain range and exploded - crater can be seen as well as rift.

    This world suffers temporal anamolies, actions by time-travelers, anachronisms and people from different places on the timeline coexisting in the current temporally damaged world.

    The rift valley is near the equator, filled with jungle and Jurrasic lifeforms - dinosaurs.

    Although I have created the basics for the entire continent, the only detailing so far is here at the equator with rift and crater area for starters. The dark green is a place holder for mountains, the brown beyond that is desert. I'm thinking of filling the crater bottom with a round lake.

    Note despite the comet strike this world didn't suffer the consequences had this been a true comet strike if such hit our world, most of the damage is temporal (time-affecting) though the rift, crater and rim debris was catastrophic, just not "ice age" causing like a real comet strike...

    WIP so far...
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