Create a portion of an encounter map geared for either miniatures or VT (Virtual Tabletop) based only on the description provided below.

The PCs find themselves seated in the main bar at a local watering hole. All around them customers talk, drink and eat as servers move about the area. The noise of external traffic rises and lowers as patrons come and go.

Along the entire west wall of the main room runs a deep, long counter behind which is a door to the the proprietor's quarters. Also in the west wall is a doorway leading to the salon area, reserved for those with the money to spend. To the north is a short corridor leading to a pair of doors and then to the entrance to the building proper. Next to the corridor, also along the north wall is a staircase leading up to a gallery which runs along the north and eastern walls. A branching corridor south leads to a number of private alcoves, a favorite location for secret dealings. The south corridor terminates at the entrance to a courtyard.

On the east wall is access to the second floor, which houses rooms for paying guests and the living quarters of the proprietor and his family. Also in the east wall is a door leading to a garden with more seating for guests.

Set into the floor of the bar area is a door leading down to a cellar which is also accessible from the courtyard.
The challenge is to create a map based solely on the provided description. It is your job as the mapper to choose a genre and a theme. The encounter will be an ambush inside the watering hole/tavern/bar/inn/etc...

  • Extra consideration will be awarded to those that provide VTT elements such as tokens, and objects.
  • This should be a ready to use map with all the objects and tokens already in place.
  • Those that wish to, can provide the maps sans objects and tokens once they have finished, but this is not a requirement of the challenge but would be appreciated by those of us that use VTs.

Have Fun!!