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Thread: Fantasy Continent Map and 4 Citys

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    Help Fantasy Continent Map and 4 Citys


    I'm a DM for a small group and I am looking for a drawing/sketch of our little DnD Map, both for reference and as a little suprise for my group after a whole year of playing. We are a fairly fun and casual group.

    Project Scope:

    A Fantasy Land Map, showing a only partially explored landscape, with 4 major city/population locations and many smaller ones. The Project is small, only for me and my group. The Artist retrains all rights and we will not spread/use the map outside of our DnD sessions and maybe hang a copy on my wall. The map will not be used commercially in anyway. I'm also intrested in maps of the citys, thou they are vastly open for your creativ design.

    Description of Map:

    A continent, partially explored. Water to the east, Land and Jungle to the west. A rough markup off locations and landscape is attached and you can view some artwork/details/lore at OMGDandD (starting page 3 the lore shows up, before that its artwork.)
    The various text blocks describe the area around them / the area where the citys should be placed (anywhere in that area).

    Description of Citys/Land;

    OMGDandD - The land & the people I
    Addtionally there is a the Citadel, a fortress/Center of several religious guilds with 7 or more smaller villages (under 1000 people/village) around it.
    The Citys are all under a half million in population, with Troika being the most population heavy.

    As you see fit.

    Format: Jpeg, Tiff, or EPS. I leave it to your expertise on which format to use.

    Transfer of files: Email: (remove all dots besides the one before de and turn at into @)


    As you see fit, but optimally it has a "made by a member of this fantasy world" - be it a trader, general or travler.

    Thou I like this style:


    Remains with cartographer.
    These maps will not be published or reproduced for commercial gain.
    Thusly they will be for my group to use during Tabletop play, which hopefully will last many more years.
    After you have created the map, you may freely resell/reuse/give away the map to others, too.


    Before August 30, the sooner the better.

    Paypal (may take a 2% - 5% fee for currency transcation and therelike).

    I am offering a payment of 10-30 (13 to 40 US$), depending on the maps quality, but may upgrade if someone puts serious effort in there work/impresses. Alternativly, if the map maker desires it, I can donate the same sum to this site.

    I'm additionally offering up to 10 € for nice drawings/maps or top-down-views off the citys, for anyone intrested.

    Payment is on delivery, but if you so desire you can send a very low quality/res version to me, I review it, send you half the money, receive the full quality version and send the remaining amount.

    For Clarity;

    The World map: 10 - 50 €

    Starfall, the City of Traders:
    Kal’den - City of Magic & Mystery OMGDandD: Photo
    City of Industry, Troika
    Up to 10 €/map


    For now via this thread and the Cartographer’s Guild messenger, as well as directly over the tumblr site or email (remove all dots besides the one before de and turn at into @)

    It is perfectly fine with me if a Cartographer takes a City, another the Continent Map and yet another a seperate city.

    Note: The low amount of cash is mostly based on my limited means, I relize maps take massive effort and are wonderful art. And I want some : )
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