Hello all,
I just started playing DnD with a few friends and they seem to like it. I am looking to create a world for them and a map would be a great visual aid. I am thinking of an atlas map that looks medieval and has maybe two/three or so continents. The races in the game are going to be at war which would require the different regions. The elves/half elves together in a forest sort of domain, half-orcs in one, dwarves/gnomes in a mountainous area/domain, and humans and halflings in one with plains/farmlands. It would also be great if each of these races or ones working together had a main city in their respective areas. Just to clarify the ones put together are allied such as dwarves and gnomes so they can share the main city. As a show of gratitude for the map you are welcome to title each city/region however you like. I just would like it if they had names that the race would give to that city/region (which may require some research on your part haha). Also you are welcome to name the world and include it in the map area. Also you do not need to name the areas if you do not wish to do so. I will make sure to tell those who play the person's map we are using. Also bonus thank you points for someone who puts a way for me to tell the distance between one area and another. I am thinking of a map along these lines. Thank you!
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