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    Post July Entry: Kane's Place

    Not going to be late for the party this time...

    ...but of course working on it so fast I missed a few things. Just noticed the part about a garden to the east while getting ready to type this up so that'll have to be added in.

    Also, the proprietor's quarters were listed both on the first floor on the west side as well as on the second floor with the guest rooms (which it says are accessed from the east, didn't say they had to actually be to the east *shifty glance*) I combined the two of his room into one with another set of stairs connecting them.

    Description: After retiring from the adventuring life, Kane Aldana, the self-described "King of Thieves" settled back down in his home town of Lerskeldyn and opened an inn/tavern at the site of the one he used to frequent in his youth. These days he mostly spends his days swapping tales with the current crop of adventurers and ne'er-do-wells, always on the lookout for one last big score.

    "Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in rooms"

    Genre: Medieval (low) fantasy, though could probably work for anything up to maybe the Victorian era.

    Technical Information:
    Dimensions: 3375x2400
    Scale: 45x32 (75 Pixels Per Square)

    Tools Used: Photoshop, Poser, Bryce

    To Do List:
    Add that garden I just found out I missed.
    Zoom in and arrange the furniture better.
    Make tokens for the map?...

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice touch with the depth-of-field effect on the balcony.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    I love it Vry. Fantastic work and artistry. It looks as though its going to be a tough challenge this month considering where you have set the bar. I look forward to being a spectator for this one (unfortunately due to time constraints). Lovely map.

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    It will be quite a challenge, this map rules. Thanks, Vry.
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    Yowza! Now I remember why I don't even try my hand at encounter maps. I'll just slink back to one of those alcoves and hire some thugs to go and beat Vry up. Smokin map.

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    Oh my word! What a fantastic start! You're gonna have to share some of those textures with us when this is over! - What I can't work out is where did poser come into your workflow?

    Torq said
    It looks as though its going to be a tough challenge this month considering where you have set the bar.
    Was the pun intended?

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    Vry, I had a request to use the winning map in a MapTool demonstration. As it looks like yours is going to win, can you please zip up all your stuff and send it to me, or what would be even better would be if you could run a demo using MapTool since you are more intimately aware of the map, setting and objects, and I believe you are familiar with MapTool already.

    Thanks either way you go!
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    This map is incredibly awesome. Already finding a use for it in my campaign. Good job sir.

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