Hi all
Please forgive the pretentious title for this post, thought it might be more eye catching than 'Hi' Just wanting to say hello and add my appreciation for the beautiful and wide ranging maps on the site. This certainly seems like the place I'm looking for.

For many years I worked as a sculptor in the hobby games industry making models for RPG and tabletop games. I now work as a writer. I currently have one self-published book in circulation; a psychological thriller called First and Only. I am also working on a new book, a fantasy book called Battle Mage. I have produced several basic maps but my skills are fairly limited. I would like the finished work to have an expert touch and that's the main reason why I'm here. I'll be trawling the galleries on the look out for someone whose style suits the world I am building. Then, if they are willing, I will be offering a commission to produce a map (or maps) to help bring my world to life.

So, I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the maps you have created.


ps. The title for this post was the first part of the tag line for my new book. The whole thing reads like this:

The world knows no emotion to match a dragon's grief
Save perhaps a dragon's rage