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Thread: July/August Lite Entry : The isle of Relvaria

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    Post July/August Lite Entry : The isle of Relvaria

    Hi guys,
    So I finally plucked up the courage to enter a competition. This is my 2nd map that I've ever made . It's sort of a political map which details the country borders.

    The isle of Relvaria, A portion of the Steampunk World of Thiatova in the year 1850.
    It is divided up in to four segments each governed over by a Duke.

    I've made the country borders, put in the mountains and forests and labelled them. I also added information about the Dukes with their Crest.
    I still need to add the Cities and smooth out some other rough edges.

    ### Latest WIP ###

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool symbols man and another nice entry to the challenge
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    Is there any way I can improve?

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    I think I'm about done with this now.

    ### Latest WIP ###

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The only suggestion off the top of my head is some sort of stroke along the land/sea boundary or a more distinctive texture for one or the other to help separate the two. The 3d effect afforded by the highlight and drop-shadows on the badges in the ocean strikes me as somewhat jarring, given the context of the rest of the map. Perhaps toning down the white glow behind the text (more of a taupe color, perhaps) would probably make it settle better onto the map as well.

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    Should "Rift of Phatoms" be "Rift of Phantoms"?

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