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Thread: Map of ???????( Can't think of a good fantasy name)

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    Default Map of ???????( Can't think of a good fantasy name)

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ID:	56609This is my world map, recently I have completed another continent, its a fantasy world but I would like it to seem realistic. I know that the mountains look a bit messy and all over the place but can I have some feed back on how to make it look better any thing would be appreciated. Please ignore The north pole area It looks like butt.

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    I don't know tons about climate, but I think one thing that may help is having a better flow between them. If you're looking for some realism, I know there are resources out there to help you out. Since this is a WIP I think it does look some of the landscape is in patches or sectored off a bit too much, but i bet this will improve over time. I think this is very promising because you have some solid ideas, and I like some of the volcanic looking areas you have. My only other suggestion would be to have your text stand out a bit more. Look forward to seeing more!
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    It kinda reminds me of Morrowind.

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    I would say something like Failtality, you need more transition between you biomes. And about the labels, I don't know what sofware you used, but you could do something like that High Marches Regional by ~Levodoom on deviantART. With a dark font and something blurry under with the same color as the mountains to make the font stand out.

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