I am new here. I can not PM anyone until I make 5 posts. So I will go ahead with posting what I am looking for. Not sure if I can get it done here; due to it is not a map. It is just warhammer's grass terrain texture along with some sand/dirt for a road on the grass. Here is a link to an image that will give you the color grass I am looking for. I do not want the fort seen in this image. Just the grass and sandy road. That sandy road in the image could be more of a brown color, like the second image link below.

GameMastery Flip-Mat: Bandit Outpost

There is a person name Johs on here that already has a grass image close to what I am looking for. Here is a link to his work. But I do not want any square lines or any lines at that matter on this image. I like his color sand better than the link above. But I like the grass look better on the link above than this one below. This one below seems fuzzy to me and the sand look is fuzzy looking too. But this image below is almost setup for want I want. Meaning I just want grass texture with some dirt roads. We can talk more about the size and where the roads go, if I can find some one here to do this for me.


I was going to pm Johs about this, but I can't. So I went ahead with this post.

P.S not sure if I can even get a pm, if I can not send one. I will see if I can turn my email on to get a hold of me. Or you could just reply..