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    Help Critique and advice please!

    hello folks, first of all I’d like to thank everyone here for being so awesome, and secondly I’d like to submit my first map to the scrutiny of this community!

    I followed pasis’s tutorial for the mountains and trees and ascension’s antique style tutorial for the overall look, so thanks to those guys for making that available. I am quite happy with how it turned out!

    I find myself in need of several points of advice from the knowledgeable on many things I think. The map is a depiction of a land that is behind a story I’ve been developing for hundreds of years – almost! There are locations that exist in my mind and on paper but have no geographic place as of yet. they’re vague which is fine on paper and “in theory” but now I have something to look at I am becoming quite obsessive about the logic of placements and trade routes.

    The basic idea here is the sea level has risen and broken the continent into islands, I wanted them close so that they could be linked by great bridges that were constructed by a more advanced civilisation that came from the east from a land that is only assumed to exist because these folk must have come from somewhere!
    The first settlers came from the west, so their movement across the islands eastward would have some effect on where major locations would be(?)
    Then later when the second settlers came from the east, their movements westward would also have more of a drastic effect because they came to dominate(?)

    1. I would like any comments as to where you guys would logically think capitols and major ports and trade routes would crop up
    2. I don’t want to add deserts simply for regional variance, my understanding is that many things are responsible for the formation of deserts and landmass is one of them(?) I’m not sure if deserts would form because none of the landmasses are big enough

    Any river comments will be acted upon straight away, if it means changing a river entirely I would appreciate any advice as to where great rivers could go – I like ‘em long!

    The UK is there for scale as well as actual geological position, this came about by overlaying the map on the earth and lining the UK up, if I move the UK down any further then the northern islands go too far north and they’re supposed to be Scandinavian in climate and if I move the UK up then the southern portion ends up even further into north Africa!

    Please graffiti on it and say anything you want – even if you hate it, I’m going for realistic here and if a complete change is necessary then I will change it – to a degree, I still want it to be a series of islands that are almost touching!

    There is one more thing! On the eastern most island there is a small collection of high lakes – these are plot related and I would like any advice on natural circumstances that would facilitate their existence, they’re not mountain top lakes, just lakes in mountains!

    ps: i wasn't sure about image size, read that there was a 4.7mb limit on uploads so i just shrunk the amount of pixels and made the rivers red so they all stood out better - the original is 6k by 6k 300px/inch

    Click image for larger version. 

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    can anyone tell me how to make the image clearer or larger to view, i suck at compression stuff!
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