This is a work in progress for a commission I'm doing for a friend. It's a regional map for the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game. The area in question is in the far north, and it's a land of nine barbarian nations that like to do barbarian things like raid, pillage, and live pretty wild lives in the wilderness.

Kiridin is mostly a forested area that I've made pretty hilly. One particular region of Kiridin is enchanted to always be in autumn, so it has some vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. There's a large prairie to the southwest, and an immensely-tall mountain range to the west, erected by the gods as a barrier against the horrors on the other side (the Land of the Damned).

I made this map using the Eriond technique by arsheesh, with a few variations. This map is a hybrid that both conforms to about a half-dozen hand-drawn maps in published books, and uses cloud noise to generate terrain. I had to smudge and airbrush to make rivers, valleys, mountains, and hills fit the reference maps. It took several adjustments to get WILBUR's river generators to flow where I wanted them. I also custom-made some color gradients for the prairie, the forest, and autumn areas.

I'm getting ready to put in labels and borders now, but I'd like to hear your thoughts/reactions/suggestions regarding the physical topography and color.

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