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Thread: Greetings from Kentucky

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    Post Greetings from Kentucky

    Hello all,
    I can not believe I found a site that talks about maps that I did now know about. I've always been a map enthusiast. When I joined the Military in 1971 I did so with the intention of specializing in some job that had to do with maps. The job (MOS) I ended up in was what the Military refers to as an "Artillery Surveyor". The job consisted of doing three types of survey, target area, connection area and position area. I got my wish and worked with maps for 27 years until my retirement in 1998. I am still a big map enthusiast. I look forward to being a regular around here.

    <--- love the smiley!

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    Welcome to The Guild, The Mappiest place on the Web

    Glad to see another Gunner I devoted 17 years of blood, sweat, and tears to the Guns, mostly as a gun-bunny on the Guns themselves. Damn sure wish that I got to do your job at some point during that time (Asked for the survey course more often than I can recall....although at my age now that might only have been once or twice.... ) but LOVED what I did anyway.

    So in parting, as we say north of the border, "Ubique"
    Art Critic = Someone with the Eye of an Artist, Words of a Bard, and the Talent of a Rock.

    Please take my critiques as someone who Wishes he had the Talent

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    It's amazing you got to actually produce real world maps like that K4GAP! Same to you Korash! Welcome to the guild!

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    Welcome to the Guild K4GAP! It sounds like you are going to fit right in here. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.


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