Inspired, Seduced, Sucked in!

I came across your devilish site when it was time for me to produce a more detailed map for my fantasy book. Suffice to say I was blown away by the range and quality of the work you guys have produced. Feeling truly inspired I decided that I must commission a map at once! I then made the fateful mistake of looking at a couple of tutorials. The little demon of ego on my shoulder began to whisper in my ear... 'Go on... you can do it! Have a go, you coward!'

And that was that! I have now decided to have a go at producing a finished map myself. I must say a special thanks to -Max-. I love his maps and the style is perfect for my book so I will be aiming to try and emulate his beautiful work. Whether or not I ever come close remains to be seen. But I'm gonna have a go

(like I don't have enough to do right now )

Out of interest here's the initial map I have been using to date. Pretty basic I'm sure you'll agree.

The World of Wrath

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I now intend to compile all my notes and sketches to produce a map that will do justice to the Guild. Watch this space to see how I get on...

Any comments or advice would be very much appreciated