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    Post *** August Challenge - Redraw an Old Map***

    This month's challenge was devised by RecklessEnthusiasm well over a year ago. Heaps of people were interested in it at the time. Hope that is still the case. Here was his idea:

    Quote Originally Posted by RecklessEnthusiasm View Post
    Simple idea, inspired by a deviant-art meme that has been floating around for a while: redraw one of your old maps to see how far you've come! The final post should be the original map and the new version side-by-side. I'd personally love to see how far I've come, and it would be awesome to see some of "the greats" post their early work along side their current level of mastery.
    So that is what this month's challenge will be. Now, for any new comers who would like to participate but haven't yet created any maps here, you may redraw a map previously created by somebody else here at the Guild (just make sure they consent to your doing so). EXCEPTION: the map must not have been commercially published; that was last month's challenge.

    Title each new thread July 2013 Entry - <your title>

    Precede each WIP image with the tag ### Latest WIP ###.

    The challenge will end on or around the first of September, and the winner will receive a golden compass, an enviable accolade here at the Guild.
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