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Thread: Making several kinds of Varient Maps with GIMP

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    Question Making several kinds of Varient Maps with GIMP

    Ok so I am putting together a forum game ( from the intro to the game ) :Kings & Vagabonds is a “Iron-Age” big cat game. Simple technologies like metal smithing, jewelry-making and pottery have been discovered by the tribes. Magic is a 'natural thing, and many of the Aeslari (the Native species; Who resemble Terran cats, although with opposable thumbs capable of using them). Magic to them is for surival not combat.

    So I'd like to do three types of maps:

    1)A large 'general over world map (specifically designed to be 'just rough geographical features. " So like ' here's the massive land mass, & rough 'sketches' of where the mountain's rivers ect are. (think perhaps those wonderful areal shots in documentaries, where you can't see any of the animals but you can see the big 'geographical features.

    2) A closer in map of the land ( Each 'Tribe' will have a territory ( admitedly the linesaren't arbitrary ( as with humans) and are using natural 'borders', or at least features as boundaries with 'neutral / no mans lands in between. (So perhaps 'colored blotches, or colored areas indicating the kind of 'terrain/food sources/water sources)

    3) The last 'type' of mao I need is the ' sort of a camping 'trail' map that would be used as a 'set' of directions to various places. ( Admitedly the animals are sapient, sentient, bt cannot/do not write) so I figure having a 'smaller 'local' map that might simply outline the features as one might 'see them'. might be useful

    Mostly I need the first & second kind of maps since, at this point I am not sure how to proceed (. The Game lacks any 'tribes' ( part of the game wil lbe 'herding' players towards that goal of establishing the first group as an event.

    I'd like to use GIMP (The latest version), but I have no idea where to start..

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarSilver View Post
    I'd like to use GIMP (The latest version), but I have no idea where to start..
    Any and all of those can be done using FOSS such as gimp or inkscape (or some combination), depending on the style you want. If you could post up links to the style or look you hope for, then we can point you to some relevant tutorials.


    -Rob A>

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