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    This city belong to the world of which I posted on in the other forum, awaiting moderator aproval (I'm guessing that will stop after a number of approved posts?).

    It's a city of 180000 people, and is the sociopolitical centre of a world that is pretty rife with conflict and intrigue. It's sort of independent, though led by a coalition of the 5 most powerful noble houses (eah of which has a kingdom elsewhere).

    The city itself is very old. Started out as two small villages hundreds of years ago, and later a famous conquer created a vast empire and built his capital here. Within a couple of generations, incompetence in the family ruined it, but his legacy remains, even if the entire noble house of his descendants was erradicated.

    The city is sloping downwards to the water, but is also built behind two protruding large cliffs, so it enjoys protection from the weathers and possible attackers. The defences themselves, however, are not as up to scratch as one would think because nobody can even concieve the idea of attacking the city (especially since they have the only mage guild on the northern continent). Even so it would take a significant endeavour to try to attack.

    There will be more information available on my campaign page for this setting here:

    Hökaland Wiki

    It's drawn in pencil and almost to scale as roads and walls are as thin as I could draw them, physically. Hoping to scan properly and make a version in Illustrator in the future, but other work is prioritised.

    Added a scanned version of the map and you can see my other thread with the world/kingdomw maps here.
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