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    Default Fantasy map

    Here is my first try at making a map. I used photohop and the map is for a book im writing

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    Hi, Glenovic! Great job for your first map, it's got some interesting landshapes and really nice colors. There are a couple of things that could be improved, but they should all be quite easy:

    Your mountains are all identical. It's good that you used them at different sizes, but they need some more variation. Also, a large amount of them are in the sea
    Your tree symbols are way to big, in my opinion. Forests look more dense and intimidating if you use more, smaller trees. That also makes the mountains appear larger.
    The texture in (what I assume is) the desert in the north is, like the mountains, quite repetitive. Here I'm not sure what to do about it though, as I'm not really a texture user, but someone else will probably be able to help.
    Most of your rivers look plausible, but some of them split in ways that wouldn't happen. Again not my field of expertise (as if I have one!), so I recommend taking a look at the "How to get your rivers in the right places" (or something like that) thread in the tutorials section.
    And finally, the outline of the landmasses doesn't follow the landmass in all places. In Photoshop, you can use Edit>Stroke to get an even line around a selection. Do it in a separate layer so you can add filters (a small Gaussian blur is always nice to blend elements together) and play around with the color and opacity.

    Sorry, that became quite a lot! But I want to stress that it's a really good map for your first try. Please take all the above as suggestions based on my own taste and very limited experience

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    I really like the color palette. You did that in Photoshop? Who knew. I have made some crappy maps in Excel before, and people thought that was nuts, but yours is pretty darn good. For me, the biggest thing was the mountains in the sea, but overall, I think its a nice map, especially as it is your first!

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    Great job on the first map, I just have to ask... why is there a coffee mug stain? I've got that exact brush set in my Photoshop so it's really distracting since it breaks "immersion" and the idea that a cartographer would leave a mug on his (or her) work seems rather careless seeing as cartography is a pain in the ass (assuming your mapmaker "character" made it by hand). It might be for aesthetic, but ink blotches or water stains would seem more reasonable than a mug stain.
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