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    Please note, this commission has now been taken.

    Okay - so, a little while ago I started writing a fantasy novel (which is probably never going to be published as it's more a personal project - & I have no publishing plans anyway) but a novel nonetheless. So, for it, I drew up a little hand-drawn map: - and now I'm finding myself quite wanting to upgrade that map from hand drawn to a digital map, which I don't feel I can do myself. I am willing to pay, but for me I do want the quality to be good. What I have in mind is that if anyone is up for it, we can make initial discussions (work out a price 'range' say)- and then I would like like to be left in the loop so, say halfway through doing the commission I would like to see how it is going on and then we can finalize discussions. If you have your own thoughts let me know (I will put my email at the bottom of the page for ease) (& I'm sorry to say this but, overall, I am pretty skint - though I will certainly see what I can do).

    I am hoping for a map in the vain of any of the following: The Velaedin Empire by ~Gidde on deviantART, Rocix by ~felipecarbus on deviantART & Aronbor by ~Ramah-Palmer on deviantART.

    I'm hoping that the size of the map is not way too large as the scale isn't all too big itself (don't bother with the ice caps on the east of the map, and the island over there)- I did my paper map on A4 but I think it would look better if it was slightly smaller overall, especially as the image shown is already cropped down (specifics can be discussed at your leisure). The rights for the map itself would be yours - though of course I would like to be able to show it around and include it as part of the novel (which, again, is a personal project & I have no plans to publish). If possible I would like it in full colour (though I do not want it to look vibrant or striking - in many ways similar to the first two maps posted just above).

    As an additional hope I would like to add some of the novel's heraldry to this map (of which I can send an email describing the various crests and seals, or let you know further about that in any way you so choose). If anybody likes, they can discuss this further. Also, if you like, you can add any woodland or forests or so on that you would feel make the map more aesthetic.

    Also, if I could ask - once the commission is completed, please don't just delete it from existence. Because my novel is still a work in progress, when it is finished I might well come back for edits and updates (but can be left out for now).

    If anyone wants to discuss this (I would quite like to discuss it before the project is started), or talk more about it you can find me at - also, I found this site through devART where I have an accounted named The-Monoblos if you alternatively want to go through there. Thankyou, in advance, should anyone wish to take this on.
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