Hi (first post),

Wonderful community, I've been browsing for the last few days. Here's my question: I want to convert a world map that has been sketched on the surface of a globe (whose original map has been painted over) into an image file that I can edit on the computer. Does anyone know of a practical approach? There are two issues: digitization, and projection. Once I have a digitized file I would like to explore different projections, but first I need to figure out how to get the sketch into the computer - just the rough outlines, which I will touch up, but I do want to respect the coastlines as drawn as much as possible.

So I wonder: is there any software than can start with multiple photos of a spherical surface then stitch them together into one image? And do you know of any spherical-to-flat projection software for an image file, assuming I can make one from my globe?

Thanks! Monty