This may involve some 3d work, but not enough to post it in that section, so I'm making it here since it's a bit of regional and that.

I'm working on a fan pokemon game with a few friends. The map that was made for the region is very old now (relative to the project), and has errors and needs to be updated/prettified.

So, that's what I'm trying to do. Most of the help I need is in regards to making it look nice: Having the transitions betwen biomes/colors look nice, adding textures and detail, and making the illusion of depth. Only minor changes to the actual layout are allowed.

I have experience with 3d software, so that may be something I make use of. In regards to the style of what I want the final map to be, ideally, it'd be like the official pokemon artwork for regions, but from a top down perspective as opposed to angled. That is, realistic in terms of how everything is displayed, but stylized in that it looks like art, and not like satellite imagery. But whatever is most feasible and still looks nice works.

Here is the original map that I am working off of...
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I'll try to get an image of where I am now soon...